Avoca, Victoria, Australia

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Avoca, Victoria, Australia
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City/Town : Latitude: -37.08333, Longitude: 143.48333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Tregonning, Violet Adeline  Abt Mar 1886Avoca, Victoria, Australia I220
2 Tregonning, Mary Ellen  1862Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1205
3 Tregonning, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1858Avoca, Victoria, Australia I16
4 Tregonning, Albert William  29 Oct 1884Avoca, Victoria, Australia I219
5 Rowell, Helen Louisa  1878Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1804
6 Rowell, Charles William  1881Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1805
7 Miles, Ruth Margaret Jane  1877Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1575
8 Miles, John Ralph  1884Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1577
9 Miles, Francis William John  1868Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1573
10 Miles, Annie Clara Jane  1866Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1572
11 Little, John Henry  1881Avoca, Victoria, Australia I2570
12 Jarman, Frederick Henry Boulder  1899Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1856
13 Hutchison, Violet Melinda  1903Avoca, Victoria, Australia I2218
14 Hutchison, Laura May  1905Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1754
15 Hutchison, Florence Melva  1907Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1639
16 Harris, Lorna  1920Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1256
17 Harris, Ellen May  1914Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1258
18 French, Walter Henry Ashton  1894Avoca, Victoria, Australia I103
19 French, Thomas Horatio  12 Aug 1919Avoca, Victoria, Australia I813
20 French, Rosina Janet  1898Avoca, Victoria, Australia I806
21 French, Marjorie Jean  12 Jun 1917Avoca, Victoria, Australia I812
22 French, Louisa Jane  2 Nov 1866Avoca, Victoria, Australia I167
23 French, Louisa Clementine  Abt 1882Avoca, Victoria, Australia I223
24 French, Lorna May  6 Aug 1916Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1439
25 French, James William  1913Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1441
26 French, James Thomas  13 Oct 1880Avoca, Victoria, Australia I224
27 French, Harold Bertram  1925Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1530
28 French, Ellen Ivy  1910Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1440
29 French, Bessie Ada  1896Avoca, Victoria, Australia I807
30 French, Albert William  1917Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1536
31 French, Albert Edward  1887Avoca, Victoria, Australia I221
32 English, Annie Louisa  1893Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1852
33 Bennett, Rupert Ebeling  Abt 1894Avoca, Victoria, Australia I111
34 Bennett, Myrtle  1895Avoca, Victoria, Australia I228
35 Bennett, Mary  1892Avoca, Victoria, Australia I97
36 Bennett, James Arthur  Abt 1884Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1690
37 Bennett, Catharine Sophia  1856Avoca, Victoria, Australia I88
38 Bennett, Augusta Catherine  Abt 1890Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1691
39 Bennett, Annie Flower  Between 1859 and 1863Avoca, Victoria, Australia I346
40 Bennett, Agnes Myrtle  Abt 1899Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1692
41 Bennett, Agnes Mary  1888Avoca, Victoria, Australia I232


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Tregonning, William Henry  Abt Mar 1923Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1206
2 Tregonning, William  15 Sep 1887Avoca, Victoria, Australia I58
3 Martin, Elizabeth  3 May 1860Avoca, Victoria, Australia I59
4 Hutchison, William  10 Sep 2002Avoca, Victoria, Australia I2223
5 Hutchison, John  16 Mar 1942Avoca, Victoria, Australia I805
6 Hutchison, Inez  1921Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1843
7 Hutchison, George William  1914Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1253
8 Hutchison, Arthur  1924Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1844
9 Hill, Elizabeth  18 Feb 1878Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1204
10 Harris, Maud  7 Aug 1916Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1436
11 French, Lorna May  1916Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1439
12 French, George Henry  1879Avoca, Victoria, Australia I222
13 French, Catherine Hope  1862Avoca, Victoria, Australia I169
14 French, Albert William  1917Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1536
15 Bennett, Agnes Mary  1889Avoca, Victoria, Australia I232


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Martin, Elizabeth  4 May 1860Avoca, Victoria, Australia I59


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 French, Albert Edward  Abt 1887Avoca, Victoria, Australia I221


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Tregonning, William Henry  15 Sep 1887Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1206
2 Tregonning, William Henry  30 Jun 1871Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1206
3 Tregonning, William  11 Dec 1884Avoca, Victoria, Australia I58
4 Tregonning, Elizabeth  Dec 1893Avoca, Victoria, Australia I16
5 Tregonning, Elizabeth  8 Jan 1888Avoca, Victoria, Australia I16
6 Tregonning, Elizabeth  11 Dec 1884Avoca, Victoria, Australia I16
7 Spence, Ann  Nov 1866Avoca, Victoria, Australia I57
8 Hill, Elizabeth  16 Jul 1860Avoca, Victoria, Australia I1204
9 Hammond, Florence Ethel  Nov 1952Avoca, Victoria, Australia I105
10 French, Walter Henry Ashton  Nov 1952Avoca, Victoria, Australia I103
11 French, James Henry  Dec 1893Avoca, Victoria, Australia I15
12 French, Helen Catherine  11 Sep 1901Avoca, Victoria, Australia I165
13 Bennett, James  8 Feb 1896Avoca, Victoria, Australia I90


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Tregonning / Tregonning  11 Dec 1884Avoca, Victoria, Australia F24
2 Kitchen / Moulton  9 Feb 1882Avoca, Victoria, Australia F486
3 Harris / French  1912Avoca, Victoria, Australia F126
4 French / Hammond  1916Avoca, Victoria, Australia F80