Cornwall, England

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Cornwall, England
[Cornwall] [England]

Latitude: 50.416277, Longitude: -5.264505


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Thoms, John  Abt Apr 1845Cornwall, England I3070
2 Tregonning, Margaret  Abt 1840Cornwall, England I1524
3 Tregonning, Margaret  Cal 1840Cornwall, England I2531
4 Tregoning, Jane  Abt 1840Cornwall, England I1569
5 Tregoning, William  Abt 1837Cornwall, England I1568
6 Martin, Francis  6 Jan 1836Cornwall, England I1298
7 Tregonning, Jane  28 Jul 1832Cornwall, England I1591
8 Tregonning, Faith  18 Feb 1831Cornwall, England I1518
9 Martin, Caroline  4 Oct 1829Cornwall, England I1297
10 Tregoning, Christian  8 Feb 1828Cornwall, England I1567
11 Tregoning, Elizabeth  Abt 1826Cornwall, England I1566
12 Tregonning, John  Bef 21 Aug 1824Cornwall, England I1515
13 Tregonning, Mary  Bef May 1822Cornwall, England I1514
14 Tregonning, James  Bef 25 Dec 1820Cornwall, England I1513
15 Tregonning, Thomas  Between 1801 and 1806Cornwall, England I67
16 Tregonning, John  Abt 1801Cornwall, England I1202
17 Edwards, Elizabeth  Between 1801 and 1806Cornwall, England I69
18 Jane  Abt 1768Cornwall, England I3121