Cornwall, England

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Cornwall, England
[Cornwall] [England]

Latitude: 50.416277, Longitude: -5.264505


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Tregonning, Thomas  Between 1801 and 1806Cornwall, England I67
2 Tregonning, Mary  Bef May 1822Cornwall, England I1514
3 Tregonning, Margaret  Abt 1840Cornwall, England I1524
4 Tregonning, Margaret  Cal 1840Cornwall, England I2531
5 Tregonning, John  Bef 21 Aug 1824Cornwall, England I1515
6 Tregonning, John  Abt 1801Cornwall, England I1202
7 Tregonning, Jane  28 Jul 1832Cornwall, England I1591
8 Tregonning, James  Bef 25 Dec 1820Cornwall, England I1513
9 Tregonning, Faith  18 Feb 1831Cornwall, England I1518
10 Tregoning, William  Abt 1837Cornwall, England I1568
11 Tregoning, Jane  Abt 1840Cornwall, England I1569
12 Tregoning, Elizabeth  Abt 1826Cornwall, England I1566
13 Tregoning, Christian  8 Feb 1828Cornwall, England I1567
14 Thoms, John  Abt Apr 1845Cornwall, England I3070
15 Martin, Francis  6 Jan 1836Cornwall, England I1298
16 Martin, Caroline  4 Oct 1829Cornwall, England I1297
17 Edwards, Elizabeth  Between 1801 and 1806Cornwall, England I69
18 Jane  Abt 1768Cornwall, England I3121